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Flock A

Flock B

Flock C

Welcome to my latest project that I call "The Bird Project 2022".


I love birds and I always wanted to have a presence of their beauty inside of my home... That compelled me to design various flying bird silhouettes and find a material that could work for a wall installation.  I decided to try steel first and found a company that helped me laser-cut my designs out of steel. In order to replicate the appearance of flocks of birds in the sky, I applied a rich, dark black patina.  A robust clear coat prevents the birds from rusting, so that the birds can be installed indoors as well as outdoors.


These birds can transform a boring wall into something magical! Each installation is unique. You can choose to have them peacefully migrate - in a threadlike line - from one side of the room to another, create a wild "Hitchcock-scene", or mimic a mind-blowing murmuration pattern. The sky is the limit!


I offer 18 individually different flying bird silhouettes. Each package contains a flock of 6 different birds, and I currently have flock A, B and C available for purchase. I will soon be adding more birds (smaller and bigger ones) to make my flocks look more realistic. Stay tuned!


They can easily be installed by gluing a magnet against the wall with a clear, double-sided, round, removable tape (both are included in the package), so that the birds can be interchanged and rotated at different angles. Since they can be viewed/installed on either side,  you are able to decide the layout of their flight direction and interchange the position of the various birds from time to time! Your creativity is unlimited with these flocks.

All of the birds above will also be available in brass, copper and sterling silver. Production takes about 2 weeks. 

Contact me if you wish to order individual birds/ flocks in one of the materials above! 


Bird symbols have been used as totems, spirits and omens for centuries by many different cultures around the world. They are mythological creatures that found meaning in religions, the arts, music, poetry and dance. For us humans, birds evoke feelings of lightness, hope, and freedom – all things we need in difficult times like this! 

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